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I am not able to find any books on Context on amazon. While I see many books on Latex.

But I read elsewhere that Context is a good system, so I wanted to learn it by reading a book about it.

How does one learn it if there are no books on it? What do you recommend to read to learn Context for someone who never used it before?

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How does one learn it if there are no books on it? -> wiki, mailing list, source-code. – Philipp Gesang May 4 '13 at 10:11
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You can find printed ConTeXt books at H2O books. Furthermore, there's a great selection of PDF manuals on the Pragma homepage. Two very good reference manuals are the revised ConTeXt user manual and the MetaFun manual.

Another good way to obtain working examples for a particular purpose is to browse through questions tagged on this site.

For more information about documentation, see Updated documentation of ConTeXt or Where can I find good ConTeXt documentation.

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