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Is it possible to generate PDF files in TeX that can be printed to odd-format printers, e.g. the DYMO LabelWriter 450? This label maker prints to a roll of labels with page/label sizes such as, e.g. 1-1/8" x 3-1/2".

My first thought is a package such as EnvLab or labels, however both those packages seem to support only standard sized pages with multiple labels on the page in a grid. I couldn't find a package that supported non-standard sized pages.

My second thought is to use the geometry package, but I'm not sure if that's a plausible or the best solution.

I'd be very grateful for thoughts and suggestions.

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geometry should work fine. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 16 '11 at 18:30
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As Ulrike said, the geometry package works fine. You customize the stock size as required in the geometry package definition, and then proceed and define a new label with necessary dimensions. Here's a quick and dirty example:

\usepackage[paperwidth=10in, paperheight=7in]{geometry} % Define paper stock size here


% These are the label parameters. Customize to your heart's content.
\LabelCols=5           % Number of columns of labels per page
\LabelRows=4           % Number of rows of labels per page
\LeftPageMargin=7mm    % These four parameters give the
\RightPageMargin=7mm   % page gutter sizes. The outer edges of
\TopPageMargin=15mm    % the outer labels are the specified
\BottomPageMargin=15mm % distances from the edge of the paper.
\InterLabelColumn=2mm  % Gap between columns of labels
\InterLabelRow=0mm     % Gap between rows of labels
\LeftLabelBorder=5mm   % These four parameters give the extra
\RightLabelBorder=5mm  % space used around the text on each
\TopLabelBorder=5mm    % actual label.


    % Here's your label definition
        My address
        My City, State, Zipcode
        My Brother
        His address
        His City, State, Zipcode


Admittedly, you'll need to do some calculations and assumptions to find all the parameters (assuming your label size is fixed), but here are the handy formulas (from the labels package):

LabelRows × Label height + (LabelRows − 1) × InterLabelRow = paperheight − TopPageMargin − BottomPageMargin

LabelColumns × Label width + (LabelColumns − 1) × InterLabelColumn = paperwidth − LeftPageMargin − RightPageMargin

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