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I have an x amount of figures that I want to display inside a subsection. The subsection doesn't contain anything else. Currently the images are automagically put on pages from other sections. What is the correct way to force the images to be put on pages inside the subsection?

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Normally figures can cross over to other sections, only not to other chapters. The figures are flushed at the end of each chapter with the \clearpage (or \cleardoublepage) macro. If you don't mind that your next section starts with a new page you can use this macro just before it.

Otherwise, you can use the flafter package so that the figures do not move forward from their definition in the text. The placeins package gives you \FloatBarrier which stops floats to move over it. Place it at the end of your sections after all the figures.

In your case it might be also good to not use figure floats, but a non-floating environment (like a simple center) together with the \captionof{figure} macro from the caption package.

See also this TeX FAQ page for more information.

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\clearpage works like a charm! – Ward Bekker Feb 17 '11 at 14:04

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