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I'm using LyX and the thesis template that comes with it. When I changed my document from two-sided to one-sided a page in the output disappeared. I found out that this was the \lowertitleback that requires a two-sided document (and that makes sense, I guess, since there is no back of the title on a one-sided document.)

Is there another command I can use that gives me the same result as \lowertitleback but on another page in a one-sides document?

Edit: I'm thinking that \maketitle could be the way to go but that gives me a lot of problems:

  • the first line of the page (listing names of my professors, referees etc.) is indented

  • and empty heading line (as the one used in my chapters) is displayed

  • the \dedication is shown on the same page as \maketitle. If I separate with \clearpage then the page with \dedication isn't displayed well - is has the heading line as well and it's no longer centered.

The easiest way to go would be to merge the pdf output of the \lowertitleback page from a two-sided version of the document with output of the one-sided one - but that would be cheating so I would like a fix.

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The LyX thesis template is based on Koma-Script book ("scrbook.cls"). In this class \maketitle defines the sequence: title page, thanks, title back page, dedication. The title back page with \uppertitleback and \lowertitleback is only printed if in two-sided mode (you will find the condition \if@twoside in "scrbook.cls"). We remove this condition by setting it to "always true" just in this special location (i.e., we replace it by \iftrue). This is done by appending following lines to the LaTeX Preamble:


Now the title back page is also printed in one-sided mode.

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