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I have this simple latex code:


However using background option for dmath seems not to work at all, the background stays white.

I compiled with MiKTeX 2.9.4533 without any warnings.

I have also tried


And some more combinations but none of them works.

Why is that?

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I'm not sure color is really implemented: the option background defines \eq@background which is used nowhere. The same holds for the color option that defines \eq@foreground, but also this command is used nowhere. – egreg May 11 '13 at 14:34
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This kind of works.


%%% Fix the `color` option
%%% redefine \eqframe to use the background color


enter image description here

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If you seach for background in the breqn source you find (only)


That is the background key saves the colour in an internal macro which is never used.

Perhaps this instead:


\color{yellow} 1+1=2

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