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I am trying to type geographical coordinate such as:

N 52° 58.110'
E 00° 40.070'

in table. Please excuse me for that I have start leaning about LaTeX just three weeks ago. I would appreciate your help.


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You mentioned 'in table'. Do you mean you are interested in a way to write these in to a table, or that you want to have the degrees, minutes and seconds in separate columns of a table? – Andy Clifton May 11 '13 at 19:08

There are several options. The siunitx package provides an \ang command that typesets angles. Degrees, minutes and seconds should be separated by semi colons. Alternatively you can set the numbers in math-mode ($ ... $), and use ^\circ for the degree sign and ' or ^\prime for the minute mark.

enter image description here

N\ang{52;58.110;} E\ang{00;40.070;}

N$52^\circ 58.110'$ E$00^\circ 40.070^\prime$
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N $52^\circ$ $58.110'$ E $00^\circ$ $40.070'$

Tabular is meaningless here. Spaces are according to your request. You can make your own macro, e.g. (spacing changed):


Usage: \nswe{N}{52}{58.110}.

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