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I have a paper I am trying to submit to a journal, but my advisor is unable to get it to compile on his computer. He has Windows XP.

It compiles on my Mac, and I also compiled it on Windows Vista (downloaded ProTeXt, which includes MiKTeX 2.9, as well as the IEEEtran.sty file since it wasn't included) and it worked on Vista,

but when we try it on XP, we get a No appropriate script or program found: epstopdf for the epstopdf script. I don't understand; it is the exact same installation of ProTeXt that I used. Googling reveals that it may have something to do with security or script execution?

We'd love to use LaTeX but we're thinking about going back to Word. It works much better and doesn't have all these weird problems :P

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Welcome to TeX.SX! You may have a look on our starter guide. – texenthusiast May 13 '13 at 17:09
verify epstopdf -v is installed at commandline, then run pdflatex --enable-write18 by adding \usepackage{epstopdf} to preamble to automatically convert .eps figures to .pdf. Remember \write18 is enabled by --enable-write18 flag. . – texenthusiast May 13 '13 at 17:53
Please see this related thread at latex-community pdfcrop: The Perl script could not be found if it may help. you may need perl installation to make pdfcrop work for a MiKTeX distro – texenthusiast May 15 '13 at 10:29

You may want to try the "eps2pdf" command such as the one given here, it might help.

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