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How can I have known current font encoding? I know that a list of font encodings is saved in \cdp@list macro. Last element of \cdp@list is usually the effective encoding but this is not always true; for example, \setlanguage might switch current encoding.

Actually, I want to distinguish the case where either EU1 or EU2 font encoding is in effect from a non-unicode encoding.

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The macro \f@encoding always expands to the current encoding:


\newcommand{\printenc}{the current encoding is~\texttt{\f@encoding}}

Text in English: \printenc

\foreignlanguage{russian}{Какой-то осмысленный текст: \printenc}

English again: \printenc

Какой-то осмысленный текст: \printenc

enter image description here

As far as XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX are concerned, the encoding should always be EU1 or EU2, respectively, unless you're mixing fonts, which is not recommended.

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