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Where is the list, or gallery of the patterns available for pgfplots?

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The pattern list itself is not directly related to pgfplots, but to tikz and pgf. The pattern list is available at section 26 "Pattern Library", of "TikZ and pgf Manual".

Or at page 217 of:

The current list of patterns listed at manual version 1.18:

  • horizontal lines
  • vertical lines
  • north east lines
  • north west lines
  • grid
  • crosshatch
  • dots
  • crosshatch dots
  • fivepointed stars
  • sixpointed stars
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In addition to the patterns of TikZ, pgfplots adds a couple of shading patterns generated by its surf plot handler. A good overview is… . These shadings cannot be generated by pgf/TikZ. – Christian Feuersänger May 16 '13 at 17:09

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