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I'm trying to link to a specific page in an external document. This has been discussed previously under the topic, How to link to specified page of an outer pdf document?, and the answer suggests including the page into this document, and then link to it internally. I'd rather not include the external pages in my document.

I have tried the following from various hints on this site. The following do not work.

\hyperref{foo.pdf}{page}{2}{some text}
\hyperlink{foo.pdf.2}{some text}

However, pdfpages and the linktodoc option to includepdf does work both internally and externally. I get a copy of a specific page of an external document in my local document, and when I click on that page it jumps to the exact page in the external document. This works with Preview.app and Skim.app on OS X.


So this is proof it is possible at least with Preview.app and/or Skim.app to link to specific external pages.

Unfortunately, this link is in the form of an included full page. Is there a way to have this link be some small amount of text of my choosing?

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You need to use \href with the new optional argument:


This requires a relative new version of hyperref:


More advanced options exist, like zooming the external PDF. See the hyperref manual in section 4 "Additional user macros" on page 13.

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