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When I enter my sources, LyX doesn't break the lines. I clicked "Bibliography" in the menu, I entered [ 1 ] in the Key and my source in the Label to get the pdf I've pasted below. How do I get my source to not go off the screen? (I intentionally erased the author's name).

enter image description here

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It will be easier for others to help you if you provide minimal examples, both a .tex and a LyX minimal example. – scottkosty May 20 '13 at 22:35
I think you choose the style "Bibliography" from the toolbar (instead of in the menu). If so, you might update your question... – e-birk May 21 '13 at 10:02
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Most of the styles which can be chosen from the drop down box on the toolbar in LyX apply to one entire or several paragraphs. The same is true for the "Bibliography" style.

The reference text itself is written as a paragraph. For the gray box, the "Key" field gives a reference a unique name throughout the document (if a ".bib" file were used that were called the BibTeX key) and the "Label" field holds the text that is displayed in the PDF when a reference occurs (e.g., by using "Insert > Citation" in LyX). BTW, the "Label" is optional and can be left empty. Then the references are enumerated instead.

The described parts in LyX produce to the following LaTeX code:

\bibitem[Label text]{Key}the reference text

Here is how a LyX document looks like

enter image description here

That produces the following LaTeX code:

... for a reference, see \cite{Falconer1990}.
\bibitem[Fa]{Falconer1990}K. Falconer, Fractal Geometry. Mathematical
Foundations and Applications, John Wiley \& Sons Ltd., Chichester,
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