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If I have the statement \usepackage{ngerman} in my source-code AucTeX recognizes this and inserts correct german quotation marks if I press " twice. For example

"`a german quote"'

How can I make this work without having a \usepackage{ngerman} statement in my source?

A. locally in my current buffer and

B. globally?

Is it possible to control this with a local emacs variable which I write in my document file?

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it's a good idea to get rid of 15-yr-old ngerman package. If you're using [ngerman]{babel} instead, I suggest you also use csquotes and have a look at tex.stackexchange.com/questions/39575/… – Nils L May 25 '13 at 8:23

As nearly always, someone has written a package in lisp. Well, to be correct, as nearly always some people have contributed different packages. Have a look and decide, which one you like (did not test myself):


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