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I'm using TeXnicCenter 2 Beta 1 (on a Windows Vista machine) and I am trying to use the forward search. It is configured with SumatraPDF so that when I press F5 to View Output, SumatraPDF comes to the front and highlights the section where my cursor lives.

However this only works correctly when I execute View Output from the main file; if I try to execute View Output from an input file in the project, I get an error saying Forward Search cannot execute, and Sumatra appears saying that there is an error loading the nonexistent .pdf file.

Is there any way to get forward search to work from included files using TeXnicCenter?

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In my case, I only had to go to Project -> Create with active file as main file when my main file was active, and everything now goes fine with SumatraPDF.

Otherwise, if you already have an opened project, from the same menu execute Properties and indicate your main file.

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Thanks. At first this didn't seem to work, but after I ran Build Output from the input file it now appears to work. – user14222 May 27 '13 at 18:24
Not at all... :-) – karlkoeller May 27 '13 at 19:18

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