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I am facing a problem while displaying a mathematical expression. The code looks like this :

\textit{$f_{1}$} $\succ$ \textit{$f_{2}$} if 
 \textit{dz_{f_{1}}} \supseteq \textit{dz_{f_{2}}} \\
 \textit{outPorts_{f_{1}}} \in \textit{outPorts_{f_{2}}}

I am not getting what is wrong in this code. It says missing $ inserted. Then I tried keeping the scope of $ symbols minimal by writing this :

\textit{$f_{1}$} $\succ$ \textit{$f_{2}$} if 
 \textit{$dz_{f_{1}}$} $\supseteq$ \textit{$dz_{f_{2}}$} \\
 \textit{$outPorts_{f_{1}}$} $\in$ \textit{$outPorts_{f_{2}}$}

Still I am getting the same error on the lines within the case statement.

Any help ?

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f_{1} \succ f_{2} \text{ if }
 dz_{f_{1}} \supseteq dz_{f_{2}} \\
 \textit{outPorts}_{f_{1}} \in \textit{outPorts}_{f_{2}}

be what you're looking for? Notice that it requires


in the preamble.

You seem to be using math mode in a wrong way.

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Yes, I have used that package. Thanks for the answer. Accepting it as I am using this approach. – gaganbm May 30 '13 at 10:24

Sorry, but why are you using \textit{$f_{2}$} etc, there is no reason for this at all. Write

$f_{1} \succ f_{2}$ if 
   dz_{f_{1}} \supseteq dz_{f_{2}}
 \textup{outPorts}_{f_{1}} \in \textup{outPorts}_{f_{2}}

Sorry for saying this, but please consult a LaTeX manual.

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Thanks! Yes, I need to go through the manual. I am a total beginner in this. – gaganbm May 30 '13 at 10:19

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