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I have installed W32TeX (full) on Windows 7. I like the W32TeX because it gives me clean and minimal install. My question is - how can I install for example moderncv package and all of its dependencies? It is quite painfull to browse through CTAN and search for all dependencies of moderncv. Unpacking everything into C:\w32tex\share\texmf-local\tex\latex, running mktexlsr doesn't at all fix the problem. Any tool that will automagically install CTAN packages into W32TeX system path into directories where they belong to?

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There is no 'magic' tool for this in any distro: getting files in the right places is not easy, and that is why both TeX Live and MiKTeX require human interventions to get their packages right. Is there a reason you decided against a 'minimal' installation of one of those two systems, which would allow selective addition of packages using the appropriate manager? – Joseph Wright May 31 '13 at 12:02
I didn't know there is way like this. Are there any tutorials how to do minimal TeX Live install and then do installation only of packages that I want? – Teddy May 31 '13 at 23:50

You can install the basic version of MiKTeX from the MiKTeX homepage www.miktex.org.

After installing it you can find an MiKTeX package manager by clicking Windows-Start-> all Programms -> MiKTeX 2.9 -> Maintanance (Admin) -> Package Manager (Admin). Here you can search (and select) for class moderncv.

On the website of MiKTeX you will find a manual how to install it.

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