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Regarding the backref option, the biblatex manual says:

Strictly speaking, this option only controls whether the biblatex package collects the data required to print such references. This feature still has to be supported by the selected bibliography style. All standard styles which ship with this package do so.

How to implement/invoke the feature in a "nonstandard" package?


\usepackage[english, american]{babel}

            backref=true %% or so I thought??

  title={You Must Change Your Life},
  author={Sloterdijk, P.},
  publisher={Polity Press},


\noindent Cf. Sloterdijk \citeyear[(pp. 84--85)]{sloterdijk2013change}. 


I don't see a backref

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As a first guess, I assume you have to look at what a standard style does in its BibliographyDrivers and adapt/add that to the drivers for APA. –  jon May 31 '13 at 17:18

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Indeed, per @jon, adding things like this to biblatex.cfg works for me:

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