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I am putting together a document that has several cover pages, both for front and back cover. The bulk of the document is two-sided. Cover pages, however, must be right-side (or left-side, for the back cover) pages.

How can I force the next page to specifically be a right-side-page or a left-side-page?

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For odd / right-side pages you can use \cleardoublepage in two-sided documents. (In one-sided ones \cleardoublepage is identical to \clearpage)

To force even / left-side pages you would need to define your own macro based on \cleardoublepage, but with reversed logic:



% Demonstration / Test:
  Title on right side
  other title on right side
  on the left side
  also on the left side
  right side again

A more complex version which behaves nicely in single-sided documents and also supports two-column mode is:


This is the definition of \cleardoublepage just with the \else removed to negate the logic, i.e. make it force even pages instead of odd.

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As Martin explained, \cleardoublepage is a standard LaTeX command to force a break to an odd (right, recto) page in double-sided documents. The KOMA-script classes and the memoir class offer numerous custom commands for page-breaking:

  • With KOMA-script, use \cleardoubleevenemptypage to force a break to an even (left, verso) page. (If necessary, this will produce an additional odd page with page style empty, as is the default in KOMA-script.) See section 3.13 of the KOMA-script manual for other available commands.

  • With memoir, use \cleartoverso to force a break to an even page. See section 18.13 of the memoir manual for other available commands.

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@Martin Scharrer Thanks for the MWE. I need an output that should not add a white-numberd-page in between the forced even/odd pages. Could you help me out in finding this issue. Appreciate your attention. Thanks. – learner123 May 6 '14 at 11:00

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