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I have some code I want to typeset as verbatim (lstlisting would be ok as well) - but I want to highlight some parts of it via a different background color, i.e. something like this:

hello \colorbox{red}{world} blah
hello world blub

Where colorbox should not be interpreted verbatim and should not introduce additional horizontal spaces, i.e. blah and blub should be correctly aligned (like without any highlighting).

I tried the Verbatim and lstlisting environments like this:




in combination with a then escaped colorbox command - the highlighting works - but the additional spaces are introduced and screw up the character alignment.

How can I do it right?

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I think the alltt environment from the package with the same name is better suited here. It makes everything verbatim except \,{ and }, similar to \begin{Verbatim}[commandchars=\\\{\}].

The mentioned added space is due to the used \fboxsep which makes the box bigger. You can avoid this by setting this value to zero, either globally or locally using a own macro. This however makes the box very tight on all four sites. An added \strut makes sure that it has always the same height and depth.

% Global:
% Better:
hello \colorbox{red}{world\strut} blah
hello world blub
hello \hi{world} blub

Another alternative, the best one IHMO, is to compensate for the fboxsep before and after the box:

% Compensate for fbox sep:
hello world blah
hello \Hi{world} blah



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awesome answer! – maxschlepzig Feb 22 '11 at 22:06

Just set \fboxsep=0pt to reduce the extra space around \colorbox.

And here's another solution:


enter image description here

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