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Is there a way to specify the page number to follow a footnote citation, so that I get something like, e.g.:

John Doe, LaTeX Manual (New York: Smith Publishing, 2003), 33.

I would like to be able to also cite the same book, but page 45 (e.g.) in a different place.

I'm using the biblatex-chicago style, notes and bibliography version.

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You should read the biblatex documentation on how to use its \cite commands. All the \cite commands (\cite, \footcite, \parencite, \textcite) and their variants allow for two optional arguments: a prenote and a postnote. The syntax is:


The page number is part of the postnote, so to get your example, you would type:


assuming Doe2003 is your cite key.

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The first [ ] in Alan Munn's answer can be omitted: if any \cite command gets a single optional argument, it will take it for a postnote. Thus \cite[p. 37]{mybook} and \cite[][p. 37]{mybook} will both render to [7, p. 37] (or something similar depending on your bibliography style). – episanty May 2 '11 at 5:44

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