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I have MiKTeX 2.9 basic installation (using Windows). When I go into the package manager and try to install colortbl package (to get colortbl.sty) I get the following message:

Error response from server: 404

Am I doing something wrong?

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Probably the server is down. Try changing the server from the 'Repository' menu. – karlkoeller Jun 10 '13 at 4:12
Great, thanks for that. Package installed successfully – Cole Jun 10 '13 at 4:27

MiKTeX Package Manager is synchronized with the last used 'Package Repository'.

Your error occurs when the last used one is a CTAN mirror, which is currently down.

To overcome this, choose a different mirror through the command 'Change Package Repository' from the 'Repository' menu, as shown in the following image:

enter image description here

After a MiKTeX update, it is also recommended to run the 'Synchronize' command from the same menu, otherwise you lose the synchronization between your installed MiKTeX distribution and the latest one available on CTAN.

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