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I can't find in the documentation anything about how to make a subject in a newlfm style letter. What I would like is something like the following.

Överklagande av Skatteverkets beslut om tilläggstaxering,
dnr 15-2008/0057

Jag vill överklaga Skatteverkets beslut om ...

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Haha! I found a way to make this work. It's an ugly solution though.

In the file "newlfm.cls" i made the following changes:

  • In line 426 I changed \PhrRegard{Regarding} to \PhrRegard{}
  • In line 1412 I removed the : from {\@regard@phr: \@regard@line}{}

In my .tex-file I wrote "\regarding{\textbf{Överklagande av Skatteverkets beslut om tilläggstaxering,\\dnr 15-2008/0057}}".

And it works!

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A less ugly solution is replacing the "regarding" text by "Object" :

in the preamble :

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Welcome to TeX.SX! Providing a full minimal working example (MWE) or explaining a bit about what this does would be nice. Welcome! – Adam Liter Mar 31 '14 at 14:00

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