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I want to use \psaxes and \psgrid but it doesn't runs well.

What am I doing wring?


 \begin{pspicture}(-2,-2)(12,6) %\malla
% \psaxes{<->}(3,3)
% \psaxes[linewidth=1.2pt,labels=none,ticks=none]{<->}(2,1)(0,0)(4,3)

 \naput*{\small 45 \euro}   % This line show error on compiling.

 \ncput*{\small 25 \euro }

 \ncput*{\small{\blue 15 \euro} }

 \psbezier[linecolor=blue, linestyle=dashed]{*-*}(4,-0.5)(6,6)(8,-2)(10,2)

\rput(8,3){Esto é unha proba.}

\pscurve[linecolor=blue, linewidth=0.035]{o-o}(6,5)(7,4)(8,5.8)(9,5.8)(10,4)(11,6)


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Excuse me, just after posting...i realized. – Mika Ike Jun 13 '13 at 14:23


Solution: You must include the line \usepackage{pst-plot}.

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