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I am trying to add the contents of a latex table, having something like this in mind:

How can I automatically calculate sums in a LaTeX table?

But this solution does not work for me... Is there any other way ?

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Exactly what doesn't work for you and why? – Gonzalo Medina Jun 16 '13 at 21:52
Calctab and spreadtab are a bit complicated...there is not other alternative ? – Alex Jun 16 '13 at 22:49

I once had the same wish: to do it all in one .tex-file: write my text, do my calculations, have my comments, in other words, to have one file for a task and not multiple files.

I had a look into spreadtab and found it much to complicated and by the way I was not sure that it would always give the right result.

OK, some years ago the LuaTeX-hype started, and I learned to program tabulars in Lua inside LaTeX files. Lua proved to be reliable, but again, at the price of being more than a bit complicated!

Then a software called orgmode drew my attention. Emacs -- which you need to run orgmode -- is a beast and orgmode itself needed some time to learn. But the documentation is very good and improved daily (sigh). Orgmodes includes a mode called "orgtbl" (orgmode table), which is simple and mighty enough. But beware: learning Emacs and orgmode is a project for quite a time. On the other hand, you get the means to do all you work for one matter in one file.

Besides that, if calculations become somewhat more difficult, I use LibreOffice and convert the table to LaTeX by using calc2latex.

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