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I am writing my thesis and I am having a few problems with my format. My thesis structure is as follows:

I Introduction

II Part 1

  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2

III Part 2

  • chapter 3
  • chapter 4



My problem is this:

In my table of contents, this appears like this:

I Introduction

II Part 1

  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2

III Part 2

  • chapter 3
  • chapter 4

IV Appendices

  • bibliography

So two questions:

  1. How do I remove the part number for the Appendices
  2. How do I bump up the bibliography to the {part} level in the table of contents (this entry is automatically generated by the \bibliography at the moment)

I really appreciate any help!!

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Welcome to tex.sx! Note that it is unusual around here to sign your questions (as there is already a box with your username below it) or to have any greeting. I took the liberty to reformat your post so that it can be easier read (see tex.stackexchange.com/editing-help for details about how post can be formatted). – Martin Scharrer Feb 24 '11 at 17:51
AFAIK the bibliography is normally not mentioned in the ToC because its position is fixed at the very end. But I can understand that you want to include it. – Martin Scharrer Feb 24 '11 at 17:53
A minimal example would be very helpful. At the very least, we need to know a) your document class b) what packages (if any) you use for the bibliography. – lockstep Feb 24 '11 at 17:56

how you get the bibliography treated as a part in the t-of-c depends on how it's defined in the documentclass you're using. however, i assume that you want the appearance of the bibliography itself to remain with the first page looking like the first page of a chapter.

the two documentclasses with parts with which i'm most familiar (the latex book.cls and amsbook.cls) both start {thebibliography} as \chapter* (though in slightly different ways). the main difference is that book.cls doesn't put anything into the t-of-c for \chapter*. with such a class, all you need to do is enter something like


after \begin{thebibliography} and before the first reference entry.

for a class like amsbook.cls, which automatically writes a t-of-c entry, you would need to suppress that and then add a replacement. the deletion can be accomplished by defining a command such as


(using [5] instead if you're loading hyperref). then, just before the start of the bibliography, insert


and proceed as above with the replacement.

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would remove the number for the Appendix most probably.

For the Bibliography, it really depends on your style I guess, but you could try:

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