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I am trying to create a graph, where the labels for the tikz mark are not supposed to be numbers but strings, is there a(n easy) way to achieve this with tikz-datavisualisation?

Mockup of what I am going for: enter image description here

Notice that the tikz are labeled with names. A further issue I don"t know how to fix is how to set marks ONLY where I supply data.

Exampledata I supply:

alpha 2 3
hotel 3 6
uniform 1 7

What I have so far:

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}                     %input encoding
{}{}{#1 #2 #3}
    \pgfkeys{/data point/.cd, x=#1, y=#2, set=1} \pgfdatapoint
    \pgfkeys{/data point/.cd, x=#1, y=#3, set=2} \pgfdatapoint

\datavisualization [scientific axes=clean, %y axis=grid,
style sheet=vary dashing,
visualize as line/.list={1,2}]
data[format=cacheConfigs] {
1 2 3
2 3 6
3 1 7
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Could you edit your question to provide a minimal example document that shows how you want to provide the data? – Jake Jun 20 '13 at 23:34
@Jake: I hope the picture/mwe helps if there is anything else to make the question clearer let me know – ted Jun 21 '13 at 9:45
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Alright, here's one way to do this: We can store the labels in a list macro and assign the data points an x value based on a simple counter. For printing the labels, we then pick out the corresponding list entry for a given x position. To have only tick marks where we also have data, you can set x axis={ticks={step=1}}



{} % No catcode changes
{\@tempcnta=1 \xdef\label@list{}} % Initialise count and label list
{#1 #2 #3}  % Argument format
    \xdef\label@list{\label@list,"#1"}  % Append label to list
    \pgfkeys{/data point/.cd, x=\the\@tempcnta, y=#2, set=1} \pgfdatapoint  % Store data point, with count as x
    \pgfkeys{/data point/.cd, x=\the\@tempcnta, y=#3, set=2} \pgfdatapoint
    \advance\@tempcnta 1\relax  % Step the count

\datavisualization [
    scientific axes=clean,
    style sheet=vary dashing,
    visualize as line/.list={1,2},
    x axis={
            tick typesetter/.code=\ticksfromlabellist{##1},
            style={text height=1ex} % For proper vertical alignment
] data [format=cacheConfigs] {
a 2 3
b 3 6
c 1 7

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