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I am tired of writing company reports using MS Word, so I am looking for a way to define a custom template that follows the company branding. Basically what I would need to define is the following:

  • Enforce font-type and font-size
  • Custom color for normal text (some sort of blue) and custom color for the section title, sub-title and sub-sub-title (each have different colors)
  • Standardized title page with watermark, document title, author and date
  • Standardized last page with watermark, and list of office addresses in a tabular way

Could any one help me?

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Depending on which font you need you might want to consider using xelatex and the fontspec package to set the document font.

The textcolor can be set using color/xcolor packages.

Section titles can be customised using titletoc or sectsty or choose a flexible documentclass like memoir that has customisation tools build-in.

For inspiration on how to change the titlepage see http://www.ctan.org/pkg/titlepages.

Watermarks can be added with package atbegshi http://www.ctan.org/pkg/atbegshi.

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The memoir class seems to have it all actually. Great stuff, thanks! – Pablo Aug 6 '10 at 8:39

KOMA-Script classes like scrreprt provide such features and many more:

  • Any font size is supported, even specified in any TeX unit: a class option might be fontsize=13pt or even fontsize=9bp, even mm or inch is possible.
  • Font type, size, shape and color may be specified for the elements, for instance \setkomafont{section}{\Large\sffamily\bfseries\color{cyan}} or \addtokomafont{\pagenumber}{\itshape}.
  • standardized title pages are available, including title, author, date and even subtitle, even extra (inner) titles are supported
  • Documents built on scrreprt are highly customizable, it's easier to use class-built-in features than a lot of extra packages.

Instead of atbegshi the package eso-pic might be used. The current version (2.0b of 2010/06/08) builds on atbegshi, not any more on everyshi.

The mentioned memoir class goes a similar way by integrating features in the class that would be otherwise available by extra packages.

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