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Good day,

My minimum working example:





The result is:

Result of MWE

Now I don't like the spacing for the term: "n!d!". I'd prefer a bit more space between 'n' and '!' and between 'd' and '!'.

Any ideas?

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A short solution would be forcing a single space between them by using \ , like this: {n\ ! d\ !} –  Luan Resende Jun 24 '13 at 12:27
That would be incorrect. In case the ! is followed by an ordinary symbol, add a thin space: n!\,d!, but don't detach the ! from the symbol preceding it. –  egreg Jun 24 '13 at 12:32

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It's incorrect to detach the ! meaning “factorial” from the symbol preceding it, because it's a modifier similar to a prime or a subscript and is not a punctuation symbol.

In case you have a factorial followed by an ordinary symbol (not a relation or operation symbol), it's good practice to add a thin space after it:




I've also shown what would happen when detaching the factorial symbol, in order to demonstrate it would be wrong.

enter image description here

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