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The upper margin is supposed to be 1" throughout my document. In the table of contents it changes from 1" to less than 1". How may I make it consistent?

Note: I am using the pwasu.sty style file from my university. I contacted them regarding this and other issues. Their only response was that if it doesn't meet the requirements then I must change it (no suggestion for resolution).

My .tex code:



\parskip 7.2pt
\parindent 0.5in


% Macro for List of Symbols
\def\listofsymbols{\input{memoir/symbols} \clearpage}
\def\addsymbol #1: #2#3{$#1$ \> \parbox{5.45in}{#2 \dotfill \pageref{#3}}\\}


% put your abstract here
This is the abstract.

\flushleft{Enter your dedication text here}

\hspace{0.5in} Enter your acknowledgement text here.


\cftlocalchange{toc}{400pt}{0cm}% change settings to suppress dots
\cftaddtitleline{toc}{chapter}{CHAPTER}{}% add word "CHAPTER"
\cftlocalchange{toc}{1.55em}{2.55em}% restore original settings %\cftlocalchange{toc}{1.55em}{2.55em}% restore original settings


%\chapter*{List of Symbols\hfill} \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{LIST OF      





\setcounter{page}{1} \pagenumbering{arabic} %


\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section} 
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\subsection{This is a subsection}

\section{This is a section} 
\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section} 
\subsection{This is a subsection}


\section{This is a section}
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\subsection{This is a subsection} 

\section{This is a section} 
\section{This is a section}
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\section{This is a section} 
\section{This is a section} 
\section{This is a section}
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\subsection{This is a subsection}
\subsection{This is a subsection}

\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section}
\section{This is a section} 



The pwasu.sty file:

% pwasu.sty  ASU theses/dissertations
% brief instructions at the beginning
% Usage:
% ============================
% A template for a thesis is provided in the file 'asthesis.tex',
% available from the same place where you obtained this file.
% In the following I will introduce some commands defined:
% ============================
% \settitle               % title of dissertation.
% \setauthor              % author of dissertation.
% \masters                % use if going for a Masters degree
% \doctors                % use if going for a PhD
% \setdefdate             % defence date
% \setgraddate            % graduation date
% \setchair               % committee chair
% \setmembers             % committee members
% \setdedication          % set dedication
% \asuabstract            % abstract
% \asuacknowledgements    % acknowledgements
% \biosketch              % biographical
% With all the names, you are ready to start your journey
% I will show you how.
% Roll down, skip all the definitions.
% Find a session that starts with 'Here it is!'

\ProvidesPackage{pwasu}[2009/04/18 v0.3 ASU thesis]
%% Only works with the memoir class!
  \PackageError{pwasu}{The pwasu package only works with the memoir class}{\@ehd}}
% Some useful lengths for layout purposes

%% set up margins, assuming letterpaper (8.5 by 11) stock
% left, right and textwidth

%% for main body
%% bottom of text at 1in, footer below
%% top of header at 1in, first text line double spaced below base of header
\setlength{\linespace}{\baselineskip} %% the current equivalent of \onelineskip
\setlength{\lowermargin}{2in}  %  This number was changed from 2in to 3in
\setlength{\footskip}{\onelineskip}  % This looks like it may set the lower margin and was changed from "\onelineskip" to 2in
%% the fiddle lengths (..ta.. for title/approval page, others for prelims)
%% (determined by many trials and errors)
\setlength{\botfiddle}{0pt} % actually this is not used


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% pagestyles
%% the main text

%% for continuation pages of the ToC, LoF, LoT, LoS
  \makeevenhead{toc}{CHAPTER}{}{Page}  %  The name "CHAPTER" should be made uppercase to match the ASU style
  \makeoddhead{toc}{CHAPTER}{}{Page}  %  The name "CHAPTER" should be made uppercase to match the ASU style



%% use pagestyle{plain} for prelims

%% chapter style
\setlength{\beforechapskip} {-1\topfiddle}
\setlength{\afterchapskip} {\onelineskip}
  \setlength{\beforechapskip}{-0.4in}  %  Changed from -0.4in to -3.4in
  \renewcommand*{\printchapternum}{\centering\chapnumfont \thechapter}
%% chapter style for appendices, text comes on following page
  \renewcommand*{\printchapternum}{\centering\chapnumfont \thechapter}

%%% different chapter style for appendices, (and double spaced?)


%%% (subsub)section styles

%%%% Do the ToC

\renewcommand{\contentsname}{TABLE OF CONTENTS}
\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{LIST OF FIGURES}
\renewcommand{\listtablename}{LIST OF TABLES}
\renewcommand*{\tocheadstart}{\vspace*{-\topfiddle}}  %  This controls the space between the top of the page and the text "TABLE OF CONTENTS"
  \par\nobreak \mbox{}\hfill{\normalfont Page}\par\nobreak}

%\renewcommand*{\aftertoctitle}{\thispagestyle{plain}\par\nobreak\mbox{}\hfill{\MakeUppercase Chapter}\par\nobreak}

%  \cftchapterfont\cftdotfill{\cftchapterdotsep}}
%\renewcommand*{\cftchaptername}{CHAPTER~}  %  this was commented out
%%% no extra space before the entry
\setlength{\cftbeforechapterskip}{0pt plus 0pt}
%% no extra 'chapter' space in LoF/LoT



%% And the LoF and LoT
\renewcommand*{\lofheadstart}{\vspace*{-\topfiddle}}  %  Changed from -\topfiddle
  \par\nobreak {\normalfont Figure \hfill Page}\par\nobreak}

\renewcommand*{\lotheadstart}{\vspace*{-\topfiddle}}   %  Changed from -\topfiddle
  \par\nobreak {\normalfont Table \hfill Page}\par\nobreak}

%%% general macro for Abstract, etc., headings
\newcommand*{\pretoctitle}[1]{{\clearpage\centering \vspace*{-\topfiddle}#1\par}} %  Changed from -\topfiddle

%%% Start the ABSTRACT

%% make it easy to center any dedication
\newcommand{\setdedication}[1]{\def\asudedication{{\clearpage\mbox{}\vfill\centering #1 \par\vfill\clearpage}}}
%\setdedication{All for my parrot}


%% for any headings after the tocloft and before the main body
%% for REFERENCE section

%%% put your biographical text in this environment
%% \begin{biosketch} Im a person who has accomplished .... \end{biosketch}
%  \pretoctitle{BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH}\thispagestyle{plain}\SingleSpacing}%
%  {}

%% for the title page and approval page.
\newcommand{\settitle}[1]{\def\asutitle{#1}}  % your title
\newcommand{\setauthor}[1]{\def\asuauthor{#1}} % you
\newcommand{\setdoctype}[1]{\def\asudoctype{#1}} % document type (e.g., thesis)
\newcommand{\masters}{\def\asudegree{Doctor of Philosophy}}
\newcommand{\doctors}{\def\asudegree{Doctor of Philosophy}}
\newcommand{\setdefdate}[1]{\def\asudefdate{#1}} % defense date
\newcommand{\setgraddate}[1]{\def\asugraddate{#1}} % graduation date
\newcommand{\setchair}[1]{\def\asuchair{#1, Chair}} % Committee chair
\newcommand{\setchairs}[2]{\def\asuchair{#1, Co-Chair \\ #2, Co-Chair}} %Co-Chairs
\newcommand{\setmembers}[1]{\def\asumembers{#1\par}} % the other committee members

%'Here it is!'
% Use them like this, and if you dont use them then you will
% get unacceptable title and/or approval pages
% Change this part for your own title

\settitle{Thesis Title}

% Change this part for you name
\setauthor{Author Name Goes Here}

% comment out the part you dont need using '%' and free the part you need

%%\masters  % going for a Masters degree
\doctors % going for a PhD

% set your date
\setdefdate{August 2013}

% set your graduation date
\setgraddate{December 2013}
% who is your chair
\setchair{Chair Name}

% and members
\setmembers{{Member One Name} \\ {Member Two Name} \\ {Member Three Name} \\ {Member Four Name}}

% \setmembers{{example} \ {example}}
% your dedication


%%% typesets the TITLE page
\asutitle \\ by \\ \asuauthor

A \asudoctype\ Presented in Partial Fulfillment \\
of the Requirements for the Degree \\

Approved \asudefdate\ by the \\
Graduate Supervisory Committee: \\[-0.5\onelineskip]
\asuchair \\


%%% typesets the APPROVAL page
%%\asutitle \\ by \\ \asuauthor \\[3\onelineskip]
%%has been approved \\


%%Graduate Supervisory Committee: \\[-0.5\onelineskip]
%%\asuchair \\

% you don't want to say that before it actually is.

%% use the asu chapterstyle

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% end of *.sty file
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