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I have downloaded xcolor.ins and xcolor.dtx from


These two files are in the same folder.

When I run the .ins file I get the error message Log file not found. The .ins file is a simple script added below.


\input docstrip.tex





Does anyone know what is wrong?

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You have to download the file xcolor200.zip, extract it and then follow the instructions in the README – Red Jul 8 '13 at 16:08
Yes the README only tells to extract the files from the .dtx file and that should be what the .ins file does I believe when looking at the code. Maybe I have missed something – Patrik Ek Jul 8 '13 at 16:11
Are you using TeXmaker? I think this might be common problem with that editor. Perhaps run it from the command line: latex xcolor.ins. – Werner Jul 8 '13 at 16:12
ok this may seem really basic. But how should I do to run it from the command line. I use TeXmaker so it is most likely that problem I have. However I am not sure how to use the command line in TeXmaker. I have tried to run it from the command Prompt but it only says file is not found. – Patrik Ek Jul 8 '13 at 16:33
ok it seemed to work when I ran it in the command prompt thanks for all – Patrik Ek Jul 8 '13 at 16:40

Method :1 Using User Command in TeXmaker to run .ins file in TeXmaker

  • TeXmaker is default configured for normal users to run .tex files

    latex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

  • Inorder to make TeXmaker run .ins extension files add an User Command Name latex-ins-run

    latex %.ins as shown in screenshots below

Step 1: Locating the User Command

enter image description here

Step 2: Defining User Command Name as latex-ins-run

enter image description here

Step 3: Executing latex-ins-run from a list of options

enter image description here

Finally once you press latex-ins-run command xcolor.ins is compiled with latex

enter image description here

Method :2 Running Terminal/Commandline in TeXmaker to get the .sty

  • TeXmaker--> File menu-->Tools--> Open Terminal

  • At Terminal/Commandline latex xcolor.ins

enter image description here

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TeXmaker has some known issues in this regard. However, in this instance, you don't need to run the file xcolor.ins from within TeXmaker; a command-line approach is sufficient.

latex xcolor.ins
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Usually a default configuration(targetting beginners who use mostly .tex file) in TeXmaker has latex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex expecting a .tex file as input to latex engine hence .ins is not recognised. Your guess with IDE was right. It is not a bug/issue (may be potential feature request) with TeXmaker in my view but can be customized Using User Command option. – texenthusiast Jul 9 '13 at 4:33

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