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I am in the process of CV writing and some pieces of information are necessary to include in some applications, whilst in others they are unnecessary. For example, when applying for scientifically-oriented jobs the modules taken during my degree might be of importance and so should be included, but for other sectors they are irrelevant.

Is there a way of setting a flag at the top of a LaTeX document and using this make text wrapped in a block hide/unhide on document creation?

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Look into CurVe – Sean Allred Jul 15 '13 at 4:07
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You can define your own switch with the \newif command like this:



\importanttrue % or \importantfalse

 some stuff which will always be shown

 % only shown if \importanttrue is set
 this is some important text

With this setting, the important stuff will be displayed. When you want to hide this part, you set \importantfalse instead of \importanttrue

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You could also use the comment package which is designed exactly for this purpose.

something I might want to include, or maybe not

Then, you use one of these switches in your preamble:

\includecomment{comment} %show comments
\excludecomment{comment} %do not show comments
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