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  1. I have some Matlab code which I would like to include in my LaTeX document.

    I use fancyvrb package, based on which I define a new environment called code. An complete and minimum example is:


    However, in the created pdf file, if I copy the code and paste it in Matlab command window, Matlab will complaint about the single quote is not the one used in Matlab. I was wondering why and how to solve the problem?

  2. To generalize, I also hope to know if there may possibly be other characters besides single quote that can cause such error? Not only in Matlab but also other programming languages?
  3. Also, I was wondering if my way of including code in LaTeX by using fancyvrb is the best? Do you have other nice ways to recommend?

Thanks and regards!

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A few years ago I wrote a book about the use Matlab, and I used the listings package for all included code. This allows lots of options: escape to (La)TeX, coloured backgrounds, frames etc.

I set up my listings with


and then called it with

function sc(n)

for i = 1:n
    disp([i, i^2, i^3])

I have also been using it for student notes.

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