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I like to use the shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+= for ^{} and Ctrl + Shift + - for _{}.

For some reason, when I enter in the key combos for ^{}, Texmaker reads it as Ctrl++, which works fine. However, for _{}, Ctrl+Shift + - is interpreted as Ctrl+Shift + _, which doesn't make sense.

It should be like Ctrl+Shift+- (as it was in TexStudio) or Ctrl + _, as it had done with the +/= key.

Is there a way to 'type in' the combination, i.e. write in the keyboard combo instead of having the program grab the keys.

I really liked TexStudio for that ability, but it just kept on inserting useless spaces and placeholders for shortcuts.

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I guess you can change using File menu-->Options-->Configure TeXmaker-->Shortcuts--> not to clash with existing ones depending on OS. –  texenthusiast Jul 18 '13 at 19:41

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