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I'm using pgfgantt within MikTeX (both latest version) running fine.
In my gantt diagramm I have three title-lines: First year, than month and beneath the project month.
I'd like to place the text project month in the last title line just aligned like the titles produced by ganttbar.

For better understanding here is a mwe (okay, the progress issues could further be removed)

                today offset=.5,%
                today label=Heute,%
                bar incomplete/.append style={fill=red},%
                progress label text={\quad\pgfmathprintnumber[precision=0,verbatim]{#1}\%}%
\gantttitlecalendar*[compress calendar,time slot format=isodate]{2012-5-1}{2015-4-30}{year, month} \\
\ganttbar{Arbeitspaket 1}{1}{4}\\
\ganttbar{Arbeitspaket 2}{3}{24}\\
\ganttbar{Arbeitspaket 3}{17}{36}\\

and the corresponding result:

typesetted mwe

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