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I'm using the algorithmicx package, but I would like my algorithm to look like:

Algorithm My Algo $(\lambda,\beta)$

i.e., the algorithm should accept inputs as shown. I then want refer to this algorithm from the main text as follows:

We run algorithm My Algo $(\lambda_1,\beta_1)$ and also My Algo $(\lambda_1,\beta_2)$ ...

Please suggest!

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What would you want the interface to be, given that you want to accommodate for variable referencing? – Werner Jul 21 '13 at 4:50

The following example will do:


\usepackage{algpseudocode}% loads algorithmicx automatically

% Redefine the Algorithm number as below: Check \arabic{algorithm}
\def\thealgorithm{My Algo $(\lambda_{1},\beta_{\arabic{algorithm}})$}

\caption{First algorithm}\label{alg1}

\caption{Second algorithm}\label{alg2}

We run algorithm \ref{alg1} and \ref{alg2}.


Hope, this helps.

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