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I want a hyperlink in a paper that I am writing. I'm using the hyperref package and then \href{<website>}{\nolinkurl{<Thing_with_spaces>}}. How do I go about getting spaces displayed for <Thing_with_spaces>?



\href{http://tex.stackexchange.com}{\nolinkurl{I Like TEX Stackexchange}}


What will display is ILikeTEXStackexchange with a little blue box around it. I would like spaces to occur between the words.

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That works! I wasn't sure why \nolinkurl was included. I am just learning and playing about. Thank you! – Paul Elfish Jul 25 '13 at 16:18
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\nolinkurl is used for displaying a URL, but without activating a link. In this case it's overkill (and it mangles spaces); just use \texttt if you want typewriter type:

\href{http://tex.stackexchange.com}{\texttt{I Like TeX Stackexchange}}
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