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Is there any way to check, which pdfreader is viewing the pdf? Can I display different contents to different browsers?

For example I want to use the animatepackage, which should be displayed if acrobat reader will be used to open the pdf, but if I do so, no graphics will be displayed if any other browser is used.

Maybe there is a way to display static graphics to any browser and animated graphics to acrobat....

Any ideas? If so, I will provide an MWE.

EDIT: Replaced Word from: Browser to:PDF Reader

LG Peter

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One possibility might be to put the static content as an Optional Content Group (OCG) whose visibility is set to OFF on top of the animation, so that this static content will not be shown by PDF viewers that understand OCGs, but will be shown by PDF viewers that do understand them -- of course, this is on the premise that PDF viewers that can render animations will also understand OCGs, and vice versa. (At least, this is what the microtype doc does for its (albeit non-animated) interactive parts, e.g. on page 4.) –  Robert Jul 28 '13 at 2:44
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