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I'm desperately trying to use the Mayan math symbols I found listed in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbols List. The document says that these symbols can be used this way (page 65):

Table 200:
Mayan Digits
0  \maya{0}
1  \maya{1}
2  \maya{2}
3  \maya{3}
4  \maya{4}
5  \maya{5}

I've added \usepackage{mathabx} at the top of my document and tried using as a test \maya{3} and then $\maya{3}$ in my document but get this error:

! Undefined control sequence.
\maya ...mayacnter =#1 \setbox 0\hbox {\mathbfont 
                                                  0}\mayawidth =\wd 0 \left ...
l.91 $\maya{3}

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong here? I'm not able to find any example documents online showing how to use this correctly.

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One has to provide an appropriate definition for \mathbfont:







enter image description here

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