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I recently installed Mepis on my computer, so I had to install LiveTex, TeXmaker, etc. from scratch. Everything works fine in TeXmaker, except for the .pdf. Every time I compile and want to see the .pdf, I get an old version. No messages of errors, no nothing appears, so I don't know what could it be. I tried with changing the options in Configure TeXmaker: Built-in viewer, Built-in viewer + Embed, and External viewer (Okular in my case). I closed the .pdf when I compiled, but still: the same old .pdf is there.I even tried deleting the .pdf from the directory, then run Quick built, and got an error (No file found).

Any ideas?

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What does quick build do, exactly? What if you compile with e.g. pdflatex instead (shortcut F6) and then view the PDF (F7)? – Torbjørn T. Jul 31 '13 at 7:41
Quick build is a shortcut for PDFLatex + View PDF. I also tried doing it separately, as you say, but it didn't result. – Nalerive Jul 31 '13 at 7:47
What happens when you run pdflatex? – Torbjørn T. Jul 31 '13 at 8:02
nothing, I get the same old pdf and no message of error or something remotely similar. It simply doesn't work (and I cannot figure it why) – Nalerive Jul 31 '13 at 8:05
let us continue this discussion in chat – Torbjørn T. Jul 31 '13 at 8:33

Problem solved. I downloaded some packages (texlive-latex-recomended/extra, texlive-humanities and others) and everything is working perfect now. Thanks Torbjørn T. for your time!

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You just added the packages? what exactly? I have the same problem. Thanks. – Hiperion Oct 1 '13 at 1:46
I added the mentioned packages by adding "\usepackage{}" command but the pdf file is still the same. Can you please mention if you did anything in addition to that? Im using TexMaker on Windows 8. Thank you, Negin – user54390 Jun 11 '14 at 16:55

In Texmaker, the "--output-directory=build" parameter is only supported by the latex and pdflatex commands and not by bibtex. This is a known issue in Texmaker. Inorder to solve this, either

  1. Disable "Build subdirectory" option in Texmaker, under Options -> Configure Texmaker -> Commands, Uncheck "Use a Build Sub-Directory for output files" and try Quick build again.

  2. Replace "%" by "build/%". (Refer http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/doc.html#SECTION42)

      dvips -o build/%.ps build/%.dvi
      ps2pdf build/%.ps build/%.pdf
      bibtex build/%.aux
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Welcome to TeX.SX! – Adam Liter Jul 28 '14 at 15:44
This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. – Masroor Jul 28 '14 at 16:13
I've updated the answer. – PeppyCodes Jul 28 '14 at 17:46

I've had the same cryptic problem twice before where new documents won't compile and TexMaker throws no errors and just loads the previous successfully compiled pdf.

As the OP's answer suggests, this is an issue with TexMaker not having access to the proper latex packages. I had the same issue on windows, I resolved it by installing MikTeX which loaded all the necessary latex packages on my system, then reinstalling TexMaker again.

I believe I got the original error because I installed TexMaker before I had any latex packages installed on my machine.

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This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique or request clarification from an author, leave a comment below their post. - From Review – Arun Debray Jun 21 at 1:42
This does not really answer the question. If you have a different question, you can ask it by clicking Ask Question. You can also add a bounty to draw more attention to this question. - From Review – A Feldman Jun 21 at 2:16
Fair enough that this could be a comment, but I believe this does answer the question with a solution which is unique from the other posted answers. The OP's posted result is Linux specific, while the question has no tags regarding the OS. This is a windows specific answer which resolves the problem described by the OP. – James Adam Campbell Jun 21 at 12:02

I had the same issue, resolved by running Texmaker as administrator.

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