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When using the bigfoot package and its paragraph-style footnotes, sometimes page breaks are inserted in the main text although there's room for another line. I've nailed down the problem in the following MWE -- uncommenting the third (and rather short) footnote will move one line of the main text to page 2. I'd like to know what causes this behaviour and would be glad about a solution (preamble or in-text workaround for individual pages).






This is the first paragraph. It only encompasses two lines. Some more text
without a meaning so that the former statement becomes true.
\footnote{A footnote.}

\footnote{Another one.}

% \footnote{A crucial footnote.}% uncommenting this will move one line
%     of the main text to page 2





Example output -- bottom of page 1:

enter image description here

Output after uncommenting the "crucial" footnote:

enter image description here

A crude workaround is to use \enlargethispage for problematic pages (in my MWE, any value between 1.7pt and 1.75pt for page 1 will do). (See this answer for details about \enlargethispage.) However, I'd very much prefer a solution that doesn't change the margins of individual pages.

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Can you check with the new bigfoot version 2.0? –  egreg Nov 3 at 21:25
@egreg At least for my MWE, the issue is indeed fixed. I'll do some more testing in the next days, and will add an answer if no other problems show up. –  lockstep Nov 4 at 0:20

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