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I'm using Gentium Plus under XeTeX for quite a long time now, and it always worked like a charm. However, after updating MiKTeX (I'm running version 2.9.4902 now), small caps are not displayed properly anymore, though the font surely includes small caps (that's what they say on the SIL webpage).

I get a warning:

Font shape 'EU1/GentiumPlus(0)/m/sc' undefined(Font) using 'EU1/GentiumPlus(0)/m/n' instead

Here is a minimal example:

\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Gentium Plus}


What should I do? I need to use a font that has full Unicode support and small caps.

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Add the Renderer: \setmainfont[Renderer=ICU,Mapping=tex-text]{Gentium Plus}

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