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What is the simplest way to add a running person, similar to the one to the right in this image in my body text?

exit sign, running man

I cannot find any appropriate unicode glyph or LaTeX symbol. Do I need to include a picture or draw something with tikz?

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You can either create a TikZ sign or use available, like this. – m0nhawk Aug 6 '13 at 10:44
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There are some exit signs found at The Noun Project. See snapshot below:

enter image description here

I recommend reading the following answer to: Symbol or dingbat of a calculator?

A previous answer suggests using Inkscape. You can also print it as a pdf and then import it as a picture by using the graphicx package and the command \includegraphics{<image>}. Remember that LaTeX also allows for the direct input of SVG files. You can read the following question How to include SVG diagrams in LaTeX?

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You should search for an SVG-version of that picture (for sure on Wikipedia) and open it with Inkscape. Export it to Ti*k*Z path with this extension.

Then just insert this figure into your text (and scale it):

bla blup \tikz ...; bla blup

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