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I have to draw many figures like this:

enter image description here

with different angles but not for pie charts.

What is the easiest way to draw the lines from the center to the circumference? I searched a lot but only found uber-complicated solutions! I'm sure this must be easy, probably I'm just failing to search for the right keywords. Can anyone help?

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If the circle has radius r, you can do this:

\draw (origin) -- (angle:r);

If the circle is centered at place other than (0, 0), you can do:

\draw (location) -- ++(angle:r);

\documentclass[convet = false, tikz]{standalone}
  \draw (0, 0) circle[radius = 2cm];
  \foreach \i in {0, 30, 80, 150, 270}{
    \draw (0, 0) -- (\i:2cm);

  \draw (5, 0) circle[radius = 2cm];
  \foreach \i in {0, 30, 80, 150, 270}{
    \draw (5, 0) -- ++(\i:2cm);

enter image description here

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could you please turn your code into a MWE? – sara s Aug 11 '13 at 23:37
perfect, thanks. – sara s Aug 11 '13 at 23:42

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