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I recently installed Ubuntu 13.04 and tried to recompile a pstricks document I had previously created on an older version of Ubuntu. However all the images came out wrong and consist of all the text contained in the image overlayed at a single position within the image. Lines and shapes are not rendered at all.

Trying the basic pstricks example also does not render correctly in the dvi.

\rput(2,2.5){First Example}

It just prints the text without the surrounding frame. I've tried uninstalling texlive and pstricks and reinstalling everything (using apt-get) to no avail. I would appreciate any pointers as to how I can go about tracking down the issue.

Edit: Solved thanks to JosephWright's answer. At first I was compiling using the quickbuild option in texmaker with

latex -> view dvi 

which gave the garbled output. I then tried

latex -> dvips -> view ps

That just hangs indefinitely so I started compiling using just latex and checking the dvi.


latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf 

works perfectly.

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run the document with xelatex. Then you'll get a PDF output – Herbert Aug 16 '13 at 14:29
@Herbert Thanks, that works as well. – Ralf Aug 16 '13 at 15:09
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In general, DVI viewers can't render PostScript (some do include code to do the conversion on-the-fly). Conversion to PostScript (or through to PDF) format is usually the best way to check on the correctness of the output: for me all is fine with the demo (TeX Live 2013).

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