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I have a list

\item This is the first post
\item This is the second post

And I want to add hyperlinks to the numberings within a box.

The simplest approach can be using my own numbering (using a counter, or manually)

\boxed{ \href{www.google.com}{1} } This is the first post
\boxed{ \href{www.google.com}{2} } This is the first post

But with this structure, I lost the indentation that "enumerate" presents. How can I preserve the indentation

enter image description here

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With an enumerated environment, you can assign \labels to individual items and cross-reference them elsewhere via \ref statements. And, if hyperref is loaded these cross-references will be made into hyperlink targets automatically. – Mico Aug 18 '13 at 8:08
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If I got your problem right, this works for me:




\item This is the first post
\item[\boxed{\href{www.google.com}{2}}] This is the second post

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