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I'm looking for a tabular-type environment which will allow me to:

  • Specify the total width (like tabular* or tabularx, tabulary)
  • Allow an individual row to have a specific background color (like colortbl)
  • Allow all entries in a row to have a specific font or color (like tabu)

It seems that each package can do one thing, but is there any super-tabular package which can do all of that? Otherwise I'm going to have to load them all and hope they play well with each other.

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You can use colortbl with tabular*, tabularx, or tabulary for the last, use array package (which is loaded anyway by tx or ty) and

>{\fontcolor}c  >{\fontcolor}l  >{\fontcolor}X

where \fontcolor is defined by


then when you want a row to use blue text go

.... text in blue\\
.. back to black
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Thank you very much! That is a combination of packages which I can clearly use without having to make much change at all to my current document. – Alasdair Aug 24 '13 at 0:29

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