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As per the second part of this question, I want to remove the comma from the end of the authors in my in-line citations, e.g., Doe et al., 2013 -> Doe et al. 2013. The solution is to redefine \nameyeardelim:


However, this causes

! LaTeX Error: \nameyeardelim undefined.

I'm using natbib with the default options. How can I overcome this error to remove the comma between the last author and year in my in-line citations?

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You should be able to use \setcitestyle{aysep={}}. – Adam Liter Aug 27 '13 at 20:43
Thank you @Adam, that solved it! – drs Aug 27 '13 at 23:01
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The natbib package provides the \setcitestyle{} command. The argument that this command takes is a comma-separated list of keywords. One of these, aysep, controls the punctuation between the author and the year. (See p. 12 of the natbib documentation for the other keywords.)

So, to solve your problem, use \setsitestlye{aysep={}}.

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