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I have a problem regarding TeXstudio (on a Windows machine, using MiKTeX) and the output_directory parameter of biber. I changed this parameter together with the pdflatex parameter aux-directory, so that the entries in the configuration menu looked like this:

pdflatex.exe -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode -aux-directory=temp %.tex
biber.exe  --output_directory=temp %

This worked great so far. All the aux and biber processing files were stored in the subfolder "temp". Today though, I noticed that some TeXstudio specific functionalities are missing:

If I include a new entry in my bib-file, the program does not recognize the change. That means, no new entries are suggested through the auto-complete feature. Additionally, the compiling process after pressing the F1 key does not include biber compilation.

If I set the preferences back to normal, everything works fine again. Does anyone know how it is able to use these features, but with the possibility of a tidy folder structure?

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