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This can be considered a combination of the following questions

How can a title be placed for a group of pgfplots?

Align ylabels of grouped plots at a common line

The following piece of code renders two plots, one above the other, and attaches a common ylabel to both.

%% Just some font that has serifs for maths                                          
%% Yes; this particular combination is horrible                                      
  \begin{groupplot}[group style={group size=1 by 2}]
    \nextgroupplot[ylabel = ylabel, y unit = m/s]
    \addplot coordinates {(0,0) (1,1) (2,2)};
    \addplot coordinates {(0,2) (1,1000) (2,0)};

  \node at ($(group c1r1.west)!0.5!(group c1r2.west)$)
  [xshift=-1.5cm] % Problem #1: estimated distance                                   
  {\rotatebox{90}{ylabel [$\mathrm{m/s}$]}};
  % Problem #2: Copying pgfplots internals,                                          
  % i.e. /pgfplots/unit code/.code 2 args={\mathrm{#1#2}}                            


There are two problems: It would be nice if the near ticks mechanics worked for this case, too, i.e. the optimal distance from both plots were determined automatically; on top of that, if units are used, the ylabel isn't just a bit of text anymore, but something more complicated; and I'd rather not reinvent that machinery.

Is there a better way to handle this?

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