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I am using TeXworks to edit my LaTeX files. I currently use the pdfLatex+MakeIndex+BibTeX which calls the texify (it is the standard configuration). How to configure this option to call the makeglossaries program?

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I think getting texify to run makeglossaries successfully might be hard work. Instead, I think it will be easiest to create a new menu entry just for glossaries. You do no say if you have Perl installed: using makeglossaries requires Perl, and this is not standard on Windows. So I'll give instructions for both cases.

First, from the Edit menu choose Preferences, then the Typesetting tab. By the 'Processing Tools' section, click the + to create a new entry, and name it 'makeglossaries'. What you do now depends on whether you have Perl installed.

If you do have Perl, then put makeglossaries in the 'Program' box and click the + to add an argument. This needs to read $basename. You can then OK everything, and test that it works.

Without Perl available, the entries need to be slightly different. Put makeindex in the 'Program' box, and click the + four times: we need four arguments. These should read

  • -s $basename.ist
  • -t $basename.glg
  • -o $basename.gls
  • $basename.glo

Again, OK everything and then test.

It may be possible to use the later approach directly with texify, but I would favour installing Perl if necessary (Strawberry is my favourite Perl for Windows) and using that approach.

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