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I am using the glossaries package to make a glossary. However I don't want the page numbers where the entry is referenced to be shown after the description in the glossary. How can I do that? Actually I use in preamble:


and inside the document:


I don't want the page numbers to be displayed because there are entries that are added in preamble with the command \glsadd{entry} and it will appear as present on page 1. And sometimes the page numbers list won't be complete, that is, there will be parts of the text which will contain one term and it won't reference directly the glossary.

How to prevent the page number to appear on glossary?

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Throwing a glance at p. 90 of the glossaries manual, I suppose that the package option nonumberlist does the trick.

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Thanks for pointing the solution. The option nonumberlist gives the following error: ! LaTeX Error: Option clash for package glossaries. However I made it to work using: \renewcommand*{\glossaryentrynumbers}[1]{} – Weslei Mar 10 '11 at 18:42
This works in my case: \usepackage[acronym,nonumberlist]{glossaries} – Khaaba May 31 at 4:39

put option nonumberlist as option of printglossary


if print the glossary using printnoidxglossary use option nonumberlist as well


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